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#FF Ninja Feed

So here we go! I wanted to do something different this time with the Follow Friday shoutouts! So, being a blogger, why not put everyone on my blog so they can all get a taste of the madness? No reason to not do it is a good reason to do do it (haha do do).

First off, you should be following me on twitter! If you’re not, I will find you, and I will break your knees. Me? Yeah, I’m @ninjasteeze!

If you follow me, then you should be following the babe, Crystal, as well. We try to rock everyones socks :D @sapere__aude__!

“Elvis was a hero to most but he never did shit for me!” That was sung by Chuck D, co-signed by me, and followed up by my man @_Eaddy! Follow him if you love punk rock, crowd surfing, and drinking until you don’t recognize yourself in a mirror. Hardcore!

You got Eaddy, now meet the little person who introduced me to the awesome muthafucka! One of my long time friends from my old college @Asia_Mania!

Lost your phone lately? Don’t you wish you were as lucky as the man who found a Nexus One lying around?! Stalk him and maybe some of his luck will rub off on you. One of my favorite members of Team Android, @thesolomind!

If you want to be up on some new tech news in the phone game and want to talk to someone who actually replies back and seems cool, check out @Phonedog_Noah!

@msquick1 is brand new to the team and is already helping me push up the count on the blog. Cool people in my world fuckin rawk! Check her outz!

If you have a BlackBerry device and you want some of the COOLEST themes around (I’m rocking one of her themes right now and its my all time favorite theme thus far) check out the one and only @Camillatary!

Now, I’m not a CB fan really, but I do support a fellow BlackBerry Empire user. Check out the idol candidate @Kerrineill! After you follow, you should vote for her :D

Speaking of BlackBerry Empire, you should check them out if you own a BlackBerry. I’m a Moderator there and we are trying to build an awesome BlackBerry community. Rawkinnnnnnnn @BBerryEmpire!

Follow @_MayLuv_ on her journey to become a rooted Android user one day!

If you love to LYAO (thats your ass, not mine) then you should definitely be following the kid, @ChreezyChriz! When he goes in on trending topics, he goes IN! Check him out y’all.


Check out the awesome @IrishStereotype! Her puppy invented the internet.

You should already know all about @bengillin and his awesome site @twetches. Check out the Spotlight Session he has on my blog as well :D

Fellow Brooklynite, but originally from the home of gin & juice, the awesome @LotusB! She is the reason I even HAVE Spotlight Sessions to begin with. Shoutout to LoLo!

Almost done, damn this took longer than I thought it would lol.

Check out @Tinkbell1422, of my favorite fellow ninjas. We kick asssssth!!

Oh yeah, you gotta know about @Mersilavie One of my favorite tweeters, we go to school only a matter of minutes from each other, always end up in the same place at the same time and yet we’ve never met each other an probably never will at this rate lol.

My favorite Euro tweeb, @AngelaXLove!! xD whuddup gangstahhhhhhhhh lmfaooo (this is the greeting I get!)

Hahaha yo I gotta be honest, I love the fact that this dude sounds like a porn star. Team Android all the way, @JPyper!

Allow me to make it clear that if you aren’t on this list, please don’t be upset or think I don’t like you or something. I mean even if I don’t like you, er, I digress, if you aren’t here you most likely fit into one of these categories:

  • Private twitter account (this makes no sense to me since I don’t understand what you’re hiding or who you’re hiding it from. Save Facebook for all the privacy. Live a little!)
  • We don’t speak enough for me to really have anything to say about you.
  • I forgot about you. My memory can fail me at times!
  • You suck

If you don’t fit into that criteria, then hit me up and let me know and I’ll add ya. Until next time, peace tweebs.

Happy Firday, Friday, and Furday!! :D


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