So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

I was never a big fan of naps. In fact, the babe is the one who got me to love nap times. However, my relationship with nap time is one of lust/love/hate. It’s all good when I’m deep in it, but the second I start to pull out it gets all touchy. I get all confused.

First off, I woke up with my leg pushed up and my knee was pretty much at my shoulder. I can’t replicate this position when I am awake however, which leads me to think “foul play”. I woke up cranky. Why? Who the hell knows! This is just what people do when they wake up from naps I guess. I woke up with my BlackBerry basically in my mouth as if I was chewing on it. I jump back off of it to see blinking lights, as usual. Emails, BBM messages, the usual suspects. My laptop is staring me in the face as if it was waiting for me to wake up. On my screen, one of my favorite pictures of Crystal. She’s smiling in it. I guess she’s happy to see me :D.

I go into BBM, I see Crystal and I in a picture. I type her a message:

“Good evening gorgeous! :)”

What the hell, that message got sent to me too! Do we really share the same brain like we always joke about?! No wait… that’s my icon, not hers. I just BBM’d myself. At least now I know I’m the only one who believes I’m gorgeous. Then I actually hit her up, telling her what happened.

Soon after, I see something displeasing in one of my friends BBM status. I send a screenshot to the babe. She is as disturbed as I am, duh! A few minutes later here I am, as disgruntled as an old man in a relay race against teenagers when the prize for 1st place is denture cream, writing this blog post.

This is what happens when I break up with nap time, I guess. We shall meet again nap time. Goodbyeeeeeeee.

Now if I could only find my damn pants!


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