So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Without Death

It’s like I have voices in my head that refuse to go without being heard for a moment. Try to silence them, but without death I’m forced to hear them out, just to see what they’re about.

Leave me alone. I can’t take it anymore! I sit patient and alone ’til I’m punching through the walls. Ripping headphones out my earlobes they fail to drown out the sound of screams and fears moan.

So here goes… push me to my limit. Kicking sanity until I’m no longer in it. Slip into insane where my smile scares family. I need to be held but nobody tries grabbing me.

Flipping birds ’til they fly in migration to shit upon the masses in masks of high patience. Fuck the words, the actions are absurd enough to push me ’til I’m swerving off the wrong side speeding.

They won’t die even if I take my own life in the name of own rights; thats the problem. How to stop them? Only one solution. Tell them…

“Shup up when I’m talking to you!!”


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