So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

I’m Not a Classic

I’m not a classic by any means. I write what I feel. If I feel toxic, you get toxic.

Not a poet? Some believe so. Why is that? Because I don’t write about the beauty of a flower, break my sentences up “how they should be” or  use the word thou?

What is thou? or as I’d say, who the fuck are you?!

I’m no rapper, trust me I’ll never claim that. I’m no musician. I’m no writer.

I’m just another average muthafucka who loves to curse, has a bad attitude when provoked, laughs his ass off at the simplest of things, and shows true colors whether you want to fight or you want to hire me.

I don’t admire Elvis, in fact he’s not a blip on my radar. Johnny Cash? Yeah I blast him. Public Enemy? They told me it was okay to not give 2 shits about Elvis. Prince, Michael Jackson? They’re the homies. I still get up and dance when I hear your songs!

I blast punk rock because it’s the only thing that reflects my mind and my feelings. Chaotic purposes, my favorite dish, and I eat until I’m chunky.

I profile everyone to understand the human mind until I see how much I am just like everyone, yet so far from the world.

I’m not deeply philosophical. I won’t tell you the mastery of the universe, but I will point out the end result of your bullshit.

Art is undefinable. Be an artist and don’t be afraid to tell the world to fuck off. Be as honest as John Mayer, minus the asshole part.

Don’t let someone define you based on their sketch pad of points and characteristics. Be more than human. Be more than average. Break a few rules. Live life out loud.

I take words heavily. Me not a poet? By your standards no, but to me YES. Will I push off in the face of adversity or face it? Both in the same sitting and you muthafuckin’ know it. Don’t hate on the free from a prison cell you’ve built for yourself. Loosen your panties and live a little :D

End transmission.


Comments on: "I’m Not a Classic" (2)

  1. msquick1 said:

    I’ve just discovered you from a twitter mention by twetches. I feel ya. I’m going to subscribe. Just letting you know. Write on, poet!

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