So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

In a relationship, it’s so often over looked – the importance of teamwork. It sounds silly to some, but to most who will read this, a head nod of agreement will sweep across the land. To make a relationship work there needs to be a lack of egos. You don’t think for one anymore, you now think for two. You have your we & us, but still have your own personal things that you share with the other, them as a viewer; you as the artist per say.

To function as a unit you need consideration, a common goal, honesty, and above all communication. Few things can make or break a relationship like communication. Well, infidelity of course is like an instant swift kick in the balls/breast of a relationship, but that’s for another day (probably not since I hate writing things like this because I have so much to say but hate putting people to sleep).

We’ve been together now for 1/3 of a year and our strongest quality by far is communication. We’ve faltered plenty times because we’re not perfect (contrary to somewhat popular belief/fortune cookie text) but the one thing that remains constant is communicating. Don’t hang up. Don’t walk away. Don’t take care of it on your own. There are two of us, so talk to me. The talking can be long, but if you’re not ready to lay out the minutes, hours, or days for the big issues, then I’d advise you to get out of the relationship.

It takes both of us to make it work. Being equals in every aspect. No one is boss. No one uses their words to diminish the strength of the other. Just love. Don’t be afraid to look at them when you’re pissed off and remind them you love them. Hearing that may be their slap back to reality. It’s like Crystal always says, why fight if we’re just going to say I love you in the end and feel bad about the other things we said.

Love like everyday is your last day. Who knows, it may be. But do you really need to know that to tell someone you fucking love them and kiss them in the middle of a fight. Lips are life’s ultimate referees. Show them some respect, and they may stop you from making an ass of yourself in the relationship ring.

Don’t ask where this came from. I was just thinking about how much Crystal and I have matured over these past four months and it really makes me happy and proud to feel the power and strength in our relationship and to see how much we’ve matured in such a short space of time. I love you baby.

Some things are guaranteed like death and taxes.

Love however, is not. When you have it…

…own that shit.


Comments on: "Together We Make or Break" (2)

  1. Crystal said:

    i love this so much ! you’re the absolute best baby.

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