So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

The vuvuzela is probably the most intricate piece of technology known to modern man. Why? Because it has one simple function that can always be useful: annoy!

I love this thing.

Test run = a success

Guinea pig =my  mom

Commence vuvu!

As I sit in my room I decide to turn it on at maximum volume. This should be heard through the entire house, pretty much. I’m upstairs, my moms downstairs. I hear her passing through the kitchen, singing of course, then she stops. I hear her.

“What the hell is that sound?!”

She doesn’t move for a few seconds. Then she begins to climb the stairs. Slowly she ascends. She hears she’s getting closer to it. She walks into the other room to see my sister, mind warped by cartoons, as oblivious as Ray Charles standing face to face with a mime.

Before she can make it to my room I shut it off and go back to typing. Mom rushes in.

“Did you hear that? What the hell is that sound?”

I smoothly reply,

“What sound?!”

She stares at me, wild look in her eyes like a puppy who knows his toy is supposed to be RIGHT HERE.

“This…this…annoying sound. Where is it coming from?!”

Smooth as ever I reply,

“Probably from outside. Don’t worry about it. I don’t hear anything. You’re probably just going crazy-wazy.”

Not amused, and still preoccupied with her quest, she walks out and down the stairs. When she hits the bottom stair I turn it back on. She immediately turns around and runs back up. I kill it before the top stair.

“Ma, what’s going on with you. Are you okay? Why you running, Willis?”

Sidenote: No my moms name is not Willis, but if you don’t know where Willis is from, you either never watched tv shows from back in the day or you’re most likely well under 18 years old.

She looks me dead in the face and stops.

“I know I heard something. I’m not going crazy.”

“You heard nothing ma. Go take a nap or something.”

She turns around.

**vuvuzela blast**

I could have sworn at this point her head spun around before her body caught up to it. On my bed lay the phone.

“Oh you mean THIS sound,”

I say with a smirk on my face,

“why didn’t you just SAY ‘I hear Vuvuzela for BlackBerry?'”

She looks at me, seemingly as amused as a nazi at a Black Panthers meeting.

I immediately bust out laughing and fall off the bed, my stomach running top speed toward a cramp. I hold up the phone to her.


She walks out calling me an idiot while laughing. I’m pretty happy with the test run. My next target is a professor next semester. That’s where the real fun begins.

If you have a BlackBerry and want the app the link is here: 2 can do that vuvu that you do!

That will work via BlackBerry browser too so you can do it direct. Let’s drive the city crazy together :D


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