So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

What’s up bloggies. I’d like to take the honor (since no one else knows my password.. well except Crystal) of introducing one of my favorite blogging buddies, Lotus B. aka LoLo!!

"First and foremost I'd need douche-bag radar. I'd need to automatically be able to tell who is a douche-bag within 30 seconds of meeting them."

One thing that instantly stands out about Lo is the fact that she’s very outspoken about her feelings. No biting of any tongue here, people. She see’s it, feels it, perhaps sniffs it to reassure herself of the funktasm, and writes it.

From starting her blog, I Say Hella, to track her transition from a Californian to a New Yorker to her move over to WordPress with Blam-bloo-zers, which wouldn’t have its awesome title without here late grandmother, she’s always been entertaining as a free flowing writer. If it isn’t on the blog, its the random tweets that  get me rolling at times holding my stomach.

Now maybe she decided that before she met me it would be a good idea to move to my hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Either way it’s boosted her cool points exponentially. What you know about 5 syllable words before noon?

Without anymore teasing I present to you, my readers, (I hope you all didn’t die or like get Alzheimer or something) the interview with the awesome, orange soda craving, douche-bag hating, Sex and the City loving, old school music bumpin’, Lotus B.

Enjoy irresponsibly ;)


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