So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

Revenge Is Bitter

He smokes his cigarettes; content with his malevolence.  In sentence, he’s a bad mutha – shut your fuckin mouth up.

Lost his father to the chase of women, mother to a case of different circumstances. She died of cancer.

Sister won’t listen to him. Keeps up with her boyfriend. He claims her not, so he’s simply that to her: a boy, friend.

So she puts on the show to try fool all the masses. Problem is, he’s not too fond of the audience glancing.

The girls he wants to conquer see him as off of the limits, to the point where they don’t even waste the talking for minute.

To him, that did it, lethal straw on the back of a camel that couldn’t handle his own weight plus the straddle.

So this he must dismantle. He tried to be nice about it.

Honesty is key right? She gets mad, so she fight. “You don’t really mean it!”

“Bitch, yeah I really mean this shit. I never loved you, never will. How are you not seeing this?”

With that she ran off, and put a brick to her left cheek in the alleyway I described in the prior.

So now with a fresh bruise, big brother to the rescue.

She needs her wants filled. No prescription, no pill. No bill for the check she’s ’bout to cash at his expenses.

Within 10 seconds he grabs his gun. The hunt is on.

He walks out. She follows behind, discreetly.

He knows she knows him well. “Would she try to deceive me?”

The lesser of two evils she is, so he continues.

Of course his targets not around. He’s willing to wait it out.

3 hours later the car pulls up, he dumps out. Passenger and driver the same, get fair share of it.

Opens up the door and his sister falls out…

…blaring is his conscience and his mind like sirens in confinement.

He can’t understand it. What the fuck is going on?

Why would she do this, if she knew what his purpose was?

Then it hit him clear; mind silencing.

She promised last year, “I’ma live with him, ride with him, kill for him, and damn right, brother, I’ma die with him.”

Guess she was right.


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