So many words. Not enough paper in this world. Don't hurt the trees over me.

The Alleyway

Everyday I watch the world spin around me, like the rim to a tire.

But yet I’m disconnected.

Watching men and women go to work and wonder why bad luck hit me? Because of this bitch, nobody gets me.

They just see an old man, homeless, no land. No shirt, no shoes, no business with him.

No sickness could win versus the pain that I suffer, mentally. Now the world remembers me as a sucker.

So I dig through the garbage of my neighborhood hot spot, searching for a meal, but hoping for a miracle.

Little bits of wisdom do go a long way for me. Mind state?  A constant disarray for me.

But I survive with less stress than the average. No bills to pay, no foreclosure for me.

I move where I want, and it got me this alleyway — window to the world. If you stopped you would probably say…

…I guess it ain’t so bad is it? Next to being dead, it’s ain’t so bad living.

Sure theres vivid difference in conditions that we live in. But down to the core, we’re really not that different.

We experience the same world.

You, from the inside. Me, from the outside. Front row tickets, kid.

Nobody cares, in this tragedy of fears, where the stock market crashes and there goes their last share.

Your trash is my feast. Your feast is my memory. You eat without thinking so with this you will remember me.

You aspire to travel. Learn new people.

But from this here alleyway, the whole world, I can see through.

Some day, someone might eat your dreams too.


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